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Author - Anastasia Belikov, PT, Cert. MDT
Graduated with her DPT in 2017.

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Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sports injuries have taken many athletes out of the field, games, seasons, or worse, careers. Injuries are very common with competitions, organized sports, fitness activities, or just regular training. There can be multiple reasons why sports injuries occur such as poor training methods, incorrect technique, improper warm-ups, or other factors that contribute to the overall injury.

Physical therapy comes into play by helping treat and heal the sports injury, but also helping with strengthening, conditioning, and educating on proper technique, postures, and best ways of warming up to prevent further injuries. Physical therapists do not have to participate in your sport to understand the major biomechanical components at play, although a specialized sports physical therapist may be better for tough injuries.

Common sports injuries are sprained joints, strained muscles, and overuse injuries. It is also important to note that the more elite the athlete is competing, the more specialized the treatment might be. Athletes who compete, or train, at a very high level put an incredible amount of stress on their bodies that the average gym user does not. This can, and will, result in injuries that do not fit into a generalized treatment program. However, if a physical therapist works with a specific athletic population, such as long-distance runners, or dancers, they may find anecdotal evidence that there is a trend of injuries that require specific specialized treatment.

Part of what sets MVMT Physical Therapy apart is that we employ The McKenzie Method. This assessment and treatment style allows for endless customization to suit the needs of each athlete. It allows for out-of-the-box thinking for rehabilitation in a systematic way. If you’re an athlete that wants to treat or prevent an injury, schedule with us for a McKenzie assessment.

Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy
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