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Author - Anastasia Belikov, PT, Cert. MDT
Graduated with her DPT in 2017

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The Lumbar Extension


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A vast majority of people have horrible posture that can be helped and corrected with one simple exercise: the lumbar extension. If you are in serious pain and in an acute stage, just lying flat on your stomach for a few minutes is a good starting step. Otherwise, progress to lying on your stomach, propped up on your elbows for a few minutes. From here, you can progress to press-ups, where your hips and legs are relaxed, and you use your arms to push your chest up from the bed or floor as far as you can, and repeat 10 times.

If your symptoms improve, you can repeat this exercise about 6-8 times throughout the day. Take the success of this exercise further by sitting in supportive chairs with good posture. If you experienced no change in symptoms from these exercises, reach out to MVMT Physical Therapy in Durham NC to schedule an appointment and we’ll troubleshoot with you!

Reference: McKenzie, R., CNZM, OBE, FCSP (Hon), FNZSP (Hon), Dip MDT, Dip MT, & R. (2011). Treat Your Own Back (9th ed.). Spinal Publications New Zealand Ltd.

The Lumbar Extension
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