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I couldn't recommend MVMT Physical Therapy more! I’ve been seeing Anastasia for bad neck/shoulder pain and she’s wonderful! She’s very easy to talk to, and super knowledgeable. She always provides thoughtful answers to my questions and gives great instructions and explanations for exercises. Since I’ve started seeing her, the pain has noticeably lessened; even right after my first visit. Anastasia's insight into the body, injuries, and ways to heal and regain performance are incredible and I truly appreciate how much I've learned about my own body's strengths, needs, and best practices.

- Allison

Anastasia’s sessions were great! I originally went to see her because I had a knee problem, thinking it could be fixed… it turned out that there was more to it and I was numb throughout my entire leg. I’ve been in constant pain/numbness for many years that I didn’t realize anymore until Anastasia helped me out. She knew how to help me right away. She is very hands-on and stays in touch to track the progress of her patients.

- Lulu

I am a truck driver and I had discomfort in my back for a little over a year and in just a few sessions I began feeling 100 times better. After visiting Anastasia my workouts became more comfortable and sitting for long periods of time became painless again. Thanks a lot, you're the best.

- Taylor

Nastia is incredibly gifted in her work. I came to Nastia with back pain from heavy lifting during a move, and hamstring pain from dance. Nastia both facilitated exercises that provided relief to those areas and offered education about how different parts of the body are linked and work together that allowed me to optimally perform my favorite activities. Nastia provides judgment-free care and made me feel comfortable asking questions about my pressing issues. I say she works magic, but truthfully she is trained well and very knowledgeable about her work.

- Melissa

It has been such a great experience every time I have a PT session. Everything is done in such a professional manner while making you feel comfortable and at ease. I walked in with pain and 3 sessions later my pain was gone. I recommend everyone to at least experience one session so you will not regret it.

- Jose C.

The best physical therapist in the area! I am a dancer so I have to sustain daily activities that cause trauma and sometimes injuries to my body. Nastia has helped me get so much better on my knee, ankles and got so much stronger through the process. For all the desk and office workers who suffer back pain and or tight shoulders & neck out there, she also works magic! Give it a try and it's really, really worth your time! Nastia is super kind & helpful, you’ll love your experience! 

- Peiwei

Anastasia did the pre and post surgery PT for my knee. She approached my therapy in a holistic manner and was the one who advised me to seek an Orthopedic Doctor once she determined my issues were deeper in nature. Her efforts expedited a surgical solution and her post surgical PT had me walking unassisted six weeks after surgery. Highly recommend and can honestly not thank her enough!

- Jose H.

The care I received was very attentive, and it resulted in being healed of my knee and hip pain a lot quicker than the normal timeline. I no longer have the pains and I continue to follow what was instructed to me daily. I highly recommend going to MVMT if you need any physical therapy for orthopedic and sports injuries.

- Christina

This was exactly what I needed! After years of not paying attention to my body, it finally forced me to start noticing it with persistent knee pain. MVMT was quickly able to diagnose the pain and determine that it was caused by some issues in my back. While I was skeptical at first, I took the exercises in stride and immediately saw and felt improvement in my knee pain. After a few weeks, we were able to completely eliminate it! This was the most educational, fun, and personal physical therapy experience I’ve ever had.

- Alex

The service was amazing! I am a full time dancer and I had to perform that night after my body was really hurting and after getting work done I was able to perform and dance for hours after.

- Tina

I can’t believe how much bad posture affects my everyday life. She took the time to find the spots I was messed up in and gave me custom plans to fix them. They totally worked and she’s great at following up! Highly recommend.

- Sam

As a Salsa choreographer/performer and trainer, I often push my body to its limits, especially when executing partner stunt choreography. Nastia at MVMT Physical Therapy has been exceptionally effective at addressing my injuries and providing methods that allow me to maintain my body and continue executing at my highest level. Nastia is articulate, knowledgeable, thorough, and committed to her patient’s progress. I highly recommend her to anyone whose livelihood or daily routine is hindered by injury.

- James

Love how attentive Nastia is. I most definitely recommend her to all my friends. I always tell her to fix me when I can’t walk or am in pain and she does. It’s incredible that I am able to feel relief on the spot. Especially being a dancer she understands how much I need my body to function properly and appreciate how convenient she makes everything.

- Yvonne

Today’s session was awesome!! I appreciate the extra time and attention. It also helps that you understand dance. Personally…it’s [the] first time I’ve worked with a PT that actually has [a] dance background and actively dances.

- James C.

W physician. I thought it was just gonna be a another massage but she actually took the time to understand my problem with my ankle and make a customized plan to heal it. Super professional and would 10/10 go again. My ankle feels a lot better.

- Rahma

Very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Helped my knee a ton, and even gave me advice regarding possibly becoming a PT myself.

- Neil

I injured myself working out about a month ago, and when I went to two different doctors that both told me the same thing, my gut instinct told me that their diagnosis was not right. The doctors believed it was a pulled muscle, but based on how I injured myself, I thought it was related to a disc or a nerve in my neck. With Anastasia's help, we confirmed that was the issue and she prescribed me stretches to do at home. Slowly but surely I started to heal and I finally began to get some relief. Anastasia took the time to help me figure out what was going on and continued to check in with me throughout my healing process. If you choose to go with MVMT, you will not regret it - you are without a doubt in good hands!

- Amber

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What Physical Therapy Can Treat

headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, balance, gait and coordination, vertigo/dizziness


neck pain, whiplash, torticollis, cervical fusion rehabilitation


shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, and rehabilitation following rotator cuff, labral repairs, and total shoulder replacements


elbow pain, tennis/golfers elbow, post-operative rehabilitation

wrist and hand pain, arthritic changes, post-operative rehabilitation


mid- and low-back pain, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, lumbar fusion rehabilitation


hip pain, piriformis syndrome, rehabilitation following labral repair, femur fractures and total hip replacements


knee pain, patellar dysfunctions, and rehabilitation following meniscus/ACL/PCL/MCL repairs and total knee replacements


foot pain, ankle sprains, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and rehabilitation following Achilles' tendon repairs and ankle fractures



We provide quality physical therapy so you can achieve your goals and return to the things you love.

We exist to provide quality mechanical care for dancers, athletes, and anyone in pain, through a custom physical therapy program specific to your needs. If you’re looking for pain relief, injury prevention, or returning to the things you love to do without medication or surgery, our physical therapists can set you on the right path.

The McKenzie Method is an exercise-based approach of assessing, diagnosing, and treating all musculoskeletal problems.

It is a well-researched and reliable assessment process that doesn't use expensive diagnostic imaging, and therefore more accessible to you.

McKenzie focuses heavily on educating you to understand the specific problems and give you control of your own symptom management.

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the McKenzie Method

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